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The sleeve Korona® is a high-quality, reusable and practical companion to your everyday life. It consists of sustainable materials including cork, recycled leather and metal. You have already selected a design. Now you can chose the colors with this configurator.

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The practical and stylish companion Korona®1 made in Berlin

The times of hot or ice-cold fingers are over. With this functional and aesthetic cup sleeve, consuming your beloved beverages just got more convenient. With the help of a special combination of multiple layers it insulates exceptionally well. It allows for a trouble-free holding of a disposable or reusable cup. The sleeve is made up of first-class materials. This is what will make it last through your daily beverage consumption. The hinges of the Korona®1 allow for folding and compact storage. This way it conveniently fits in your pants or jacket pocket or purse. The key feature though is the vast amount of possibilities of customization through color selection and engravings.

Create your own style!

Would you prefer a red sleeve with white rivets and hinges or should it be entirely black? Choose the colors of your sleeve Korona®1 from hundreds of combination possibilities. Now you are only missing adesign for engraving. Pick one of the designs in the shop or write your own text. The engraving is created with a high-resolution laser, which is as detailed as 1/80 of a millimeter or 1/2000 of an inch. In this process the varnish is removed and the design becomes embossed. On red material, the design relief is black, while black material features a brown engraving. It is not dyed, but rather results from the bonded leather below.

For the sake of the environment

By buying a Korona®1 you make a personal contribution to environmental conservation. You aid by:

  • reducing your waste to zero by not using conventional paper sleeves, double stacking or napkins.
  • letting thick-layered disposable cups vanish from the market since they are of no use to you anymore.
  • allowing thin-layered reusable cups gain easier entry into the market since you take over the responsibility of insulation with your Korona®1.
  • spreading a recyclable and reusable product in the market. Thereby you are raising awareness and encouraging the people around you to engage in this issue.

The sleeve Korona®1 fits on all bigger cups starting at 0.3 l or 10 fl. oz. Size: 134 mm x 64 mm x 6mm or 5.3 in x 2.5 in x 0.24 in. But it can also put on smaller cups. It will just not sit so tight. It will definitely do its deed.
Depending on the rivets chosen, the sleeve will be about 2 mm (1/12 in.) thicker at the rivet.
Weight: 48 grams or 1.7 ounces.


The sleeve Korona®1 consists of the following materials, which undergo strict inspections:

  • Bonded leather (recycled leather): Covered with varnish and a protective layer on one side. It is extra resistant to scoring and scratching. The bonded leather will endure 12,000 bendings. Origin: Germany.
  • Cork: Natural cork with a fine grain for a better feel. Bonded by an ecologically compatible binding agent. Origin: Portugal.
  • Hinges: Zinc coated metal hinges with a brass pin, partially coated with colored powder. Origin: Germany.
  • Rivets: Nickel plated metal rivets, partially coated with color. Silver rivets are also available with zinc plating. Silver and gold only describe the appearance of the rivet, not the material used. Origin: Italy.
    Rhinestone rivets originate from China.
  • High-performance adhesive film: Bonds materials flexibly. Thickness 0.13 mm or 1/200 in, temperature resistant up to 120 ⁰C or 248 ⁰F, b adhesive power. Procurement: Germany.

The Korona®1 is made up of two lateral faces which are connected by hinges. In its dormant state the material tension of the bonded leather will keep the sleeve folded. In order to open the sleeve you need to firmly press on both hinges. This way the lateral faces bend into a round shape. It can be placed on conical containers from the bottom now. The sleeve is built in a way that the hinges never have direct contact with the container, unless you forcibly press them onto the vessel. You will have the best user experience by holding it on the lateral faces. After you have used the product, it will return to its original state. Over time the heat will affect the material. Therefore it is possible, depending on usage, that the sleeve will not fully flatten by itself, but have a little opening. It will still fold completely by applying a little pressure though.


With the help of the resistant outer layer you can easily clean the surface with a camp cloth or sponge. A metal sponge would of course be too much of a good thing. For cleaning please use water only and no solvents. You also should not hold the sleeve under running water, wash it in the dish washer or the washing machine. Your Korona®1 could otherwise swell in some places. Stains through your beverage do not present any risk if you remove larger accumulations of liquids right away. Despite the fact that the outer face will resist multiple strains, it will give in to stronger applications of force or sharp objects.


Your Korona®1 is handmade in our workshop in Berlin upon receiving your order and payment. Since we also use a laser in order to cut and engrave, burning odors occur. These will usually evaporate within 24 to 48 hours and the product will regain its high-grade leather smell. After production we therefore usually let the sleeve air out for 24 hours before we send it to you. Shipping generally occurs within two days of payment being received.


We wrap the cup sleeve with two business cards in the middle in a filmy, transparent OPP-foil and seal it with our logo on cork. This way you can give the Korona®1 to somebody else as a present right away with no need of rewrapping. You can also directly send it to a future recipient. You will receive the invoice via email. It is only attached to the envelope, if the delivery address is outside the European Union. This is required for customs declaration.


The sleeve is shipped in a gift envelope engraved by us. We ship via the German postal service. Worldwide shipping usually takes around 7 days (e.g. USA/ Australia). Shipping costs will not incur for you, because we will cover those independent of the order quantity.

Bigger orders for companies or events

Should you be interested in a bigger order, please contact us via our contact form or via email at

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black, white, red, silver, gold, rhinestone

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black, white, red, silver, gold, rhinestone


black, white, brown, silver

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black, red, light blue, pink

Color back

black, red, light blue, pink


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