FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does the product configurator work?








Is shipping really free of charge?

Yes. We ship the sleeve via mail worldwide free of chage. It does not matter, if you buy just one or multiple sleeves. Shipping will be free.

How long does it take till I get my sleeve?

Me make your sleeve within one day and ship it on the second day, because it needs to air out a little after we put the engraving on it. After that it just depends where you live. Europe will take about 3 days, outside Europe about a week.

If you need a more exact estimate, please contact us and provide the country the sleeve needs to be sent to.

Is the sleeve made of real leather?

Yes and no. The sleeve is made up of mutliple materials. The three most dominant are cork, metal and bonded leather. Bonded leather is mostly made of leather fibres bonded together by natural materials as well as PU. It therefore is recycled leather.